360 Mobility has been a trusted telecom services provider since 2011. We’re proud to work with and represent a variety of businesses, providing unique solutions to their wireless communications problems. Read testimonials from some of our current and past customers to learn how 360 Mobility has helped other companies.


“I worked with Jo Anne and her team at 360 mobility for 2 1/2 years, and during that whole time I never once question our decision to have them help manage our cellular platform. The company I worked for had 3 cellular carriers, hundreds of devices, and a lot for moving parts. 360 mobility never missed a step, always going above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to bring their mobile environment to the next level! I don’t know what I would have done without them!”

– Zack Collins

VNA of Southeast Missouri

Consultation, Contract Negotiation, Device Deployment

“As the Network Administrator for one of the largest Home Health Care providers in Missouri, I know that communication with our field staff is the difference between good care and GREAT care. With the staff at 360 Mobility in my corner, I’m confident that we’re always a step ahead of other home health providers when it comes to our wireless needs. We recently transitioned our entire nursing staff of over 100 users from Windows Mobile to Android and at the same time changed our wireless carrier. 360 Mobility took care of the entire deployment from the purchase of devices to securing the agreement with the carrier. It was all done seamlessly and allowed me to concentrate on my day-to-day job duties. 360 has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things wireless, and I never hesitate to call on them directly. They always come through for me, while always going above and beyond to find the right solution for VNA.”

– Ron Forbus, Network Administrator

EDCO/Drury Company

Consultation, Device Deployment

“Communication is the key to having a successful business. We have 120 employees spread across 9 divisions in our subcontracting company. Our company performs structural steel fabrication, steel erection, roofing, architectural sheet metal, lightweight insulating roof decks/floors, metal studs/drywall, EIFS, acoustical ceilings, and flooring. We travel into 11 states and rely heavily on our wireless communications to keep the ball rolling. Our needs in equipment vary greatly as our divisions are so different in what they do. In a world of construction, the days are long and the nights are short. We just don’t have the time necessary to research all the new technology and the changes made every day. The professionals at 360 Mobility continue to do this for our company day in and day out. For several years now, their experience and commitment to quality service has kept us in good communication with our field personnel. It’s been great to work with someone dedicated to getting us what we need, when we need it! Special thanks, 360 Mobility!”

– Patrick Drury

Spartech Corporation

“Many use the phrase, “few demonstrate proof”; 360 is ‘Wireless Communications meets Value Add’ with ease! I’ve lived and breathed many environments within the wired and wireless communications universe, from the side of provider, as well as customer. I’ve also had the opportunity to hear more empty sales pitches and flat one-liners than I care to recall. For these reasons, I’m privileged to tell you that I know the people who comprise the integrity that is 360 Mobility and their one-stop-shop is truly just that. Whether you want to learn how your organization can utilize the explosion of social media to reach new demographics, port 400 numbers from one carrier to another in an organized, efficient manner, or you’re simply looking to sell your used cell and smartphones and buy accessories, you need to look at this company. Having access to 360’s knowledge and ability to execute and complete projects has been, is, and will continue to be a huge asset to both myself and the employees I serve.”

– Melissa L Hoehn, Senior Telecommunications Analyst

Southeast Missouri Transportation Service, Inc.

Consultation, Device Deployment, Upgrades

“As the Assistant Executive Director for the second largest rural public transportation provider in the nation, my days are fast-paced and filled with time consuming obligations, mandated reporting, grant writing, and the constant concern of meeting the needs of those who utilize our services to maintain independent living. The last thing I want to hassle with is the ever changing world of cellular service and technology. However, since this is our only means of communicating with our 140+ employees who are scattered across the 21+ counties we serve, I’ve had no choice but to spend hours trying to sift through information, research websites, and listen to countless sales spiels in an attempt to select the best equipment for our company…. until I met Josh and Jim with 360 Mobility, that is. Now, I make one call, explain what I need, and move on with my day! With years of experience to back them up, 360 Mobility is already up to date on the latest technology, fully informed on the durability of a device, and ready to negotiate the best deal for our company. When all the work is done, they call me back, give me only the facts I need in order to make a sound business decision, and spare me the usual sales pitch. Thanks, 360 Mobility! It’s nice to do business with a company that delivers exactly what it promises…every time…hassle free!”

– Denny Ward

St. Joe Beverage

Consultation, Contract Negotiation

“I own and operate a regional beer distributorship. Good communication with my people is very important to me. So is getting the most of every dollar we spend on communications. They approached me about having 360 Mobility review my cellular account. After they analyzed our bills and researched options for us, I was presented with recommendations that they said should save us $300-400 per month and enhance the service we were getting. We had 360 Mobility implement those changes and found in the months since, that we’ve actually averaged more than expected savings. The 360 Mobility team are truly communications professionals.”

– Kevin Lilly, President / CEO

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