Device Buy-Back Program

Trade in Your Old and Unused Devices for Cash

Unsure what to do with your outdated wireless devices? Sell them to 360 Mobility! We purchase used and outdated devices from our clients, helping them gain a return on their investment in those devices. We’ll provide you with an honest, transparent appraisal of your old device, wipe all traces of your data and information from them, then provide you with a check within 30 business days, in most instances. Plus, we’ll even pay the shipping charges to send the phones to us.

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Phone Recycling & Reuse

After we’ve purchased your cell phones or devices, we recycle them by breaking them down into their component parts. For example, a PC computer may be broken down into power supplies, motherboards, processors, plastic, metal, hard drives, and cables. Once broken down, the components are sent to a specialized refinery that recycles and recovers any materials that can be reused.

Donate Your Old Device

360 Mobility is proud to help you support the charities that are important to you. Eliminate the clutter of your old devices and donate to a worthy cause at the same time! When you send us your old phones and devices, let us know if you’d like to donate the proceeds from recycling them to one of the charities we support. We’ll send you a receipt for the exact donation amount for tax purposes.

Your Data Security

Deleting old information off of your old device simply isn’t enough to remove that information; all data must be completely written over to permanently erase information from your device. That’s why 360 Mobility utilizes Creative Recycling Systems’ data sanitization methods to securely remove your company’s proprietary information and protect your employees. This method goes above and beyond the many specifications set by the U.S. Department of Defense, providing your company with added assurance that your information has been removed from an old device.

Our Data Clearing Guarantee

360 Mobility guarantees that the data listed below will be erased from any devices donated or purchased from your company.
  • Contact Information
  • Call History
  • Text Messages & Instant Messages
  • Picture Messages
  • Email Messages
  • Photos
  • Downloaded Files
  • Personal Codes
Please Note: 360 Mobility, LLC cannot erase data that is inaccessible.Therefore, devices must be unlocked from the previous user’s accounts. Any devices with inaccessible data will be destroyed through appropriate recycling procedures, unless otherwise directed by the client.

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