Better than insurance

Better than device insurance, ProtectCell gives members multiple benefits for less than the cost of other device insurance programs. Just as Triple A isn’t merely a travel agency or simply an insurance agency or only a resource for route planning and for getting special discounts for its members.

Why Protect Cell?

At 360 Mobility, we want to offer our customers the very best. And when it comes to protecting your cell phone, tablet or netbook we recommend a ProtectCell membership plan. ProtectCell protects your device no matter what happens to it – even if it’s lost, stolen or damaged. What’s more, they also protect your entire wireless lifestyle with the following benefits at no additional cost:

· Fast Device Delivery

· Device Buyback – earn up to 50% of the full retail value of the existing device at its time of purchase.

· ID Rescue – an identity theft consultation and restoration service

· Rewards Mall – which can quickly and easily mean big savings

Now, add in their industry-leading call center located in the U.S. and it’s no wonder our customers love ProtectCell. We know you will, too.

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