Q:  Does 360 Mobility assist only businesses, or do you help individuals with personal accounts?

A:  We work with businesses, clubs, schools, government entities and other organizations, but can assist with personal lines, as well. 

Q:  I’d like to cut costs and get better customer service, but otherwise, I like my current provider.  Will I be encouraged to switch to a different carrier?

A:  We help clients make informed, unbiased choices regarding their telecom services and equipment.  Our recommendations always take into consideration the clients’ preferences, as well as their needs.  Sometimes the best option is to simply negotiate a more favorable deal for our client with the existing carrier.

Q:  What’s the advantage of dealing with 360 Mobility for my old equipment?

A:  Anyone who has bought or sold items on the internet knows that it’s a risky proposition.  What we are led to expect can be far different from what we experience after the ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ button is pushed.  The biggest reason for choosing to deal with 360 Mobility has to do with integrity.  Prices we quote are competitive, not inflated.  Payments are made in full, on time.  Additionally, we take steps to protect our clients by making sure personal information is erased from devices we receive.

Q:  I’m not particularly happy with my current provider, but if I leave I’ll have to pay Early Termination Fees.  Can you help someone in my situation?

A:  The quick answer is that we probably can help.  We would need to learn more about your specific scenario, but there are options that may offset most or all of the ETFs you face.  On the other hand, we may be able to relieve the concerns that lead you to be unhappy with your current provider.  You should definitely contact us.