360 Mobility is uniquely qualified to help clients save money, time and stress, be more productive and improve their business image.  Our team is comprised of industry veterans who have a good understanding of the industry, and have relationships with important resources.  We know how to get things done.  And because we represent all four leading carriers, we aren’t limited to a single set of coverage maps, plans and equipment choices.  For the same reasons, we have leverage to negotiate better deals for clients.  No carrier rep, no retail agent, no mega-store clerk can do that for you.

We’ve become experts in identifying needs and problems, and then finding solutions to best address them.  Boosting efficiency and productivity, and reducing costs and stress, are specialties of ours!  Let us help you optimize your telecom budget.

How we are able to achieve the success rates we’ve accomplished:

  • We meet with clients to assess their needs and learn their preferences
  • We work with carriers to gather information relative to the accounts
  • We analyze the information and generate appropriate solution options
  • We make informed, unbiased recommendations with regard to services/equipment
  • We negotiate with providers on the clients’ behalf to secure discounts and/or credits
  • We place appropriate orders for the clients
  • We monitor appropriate implementation when requested.